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I have a quick story:

Ted and Catrina bought a home with a septic system a few years ago, when they moved in they were having trouble with slow flushing toilets.  The problem progressively got worse over the months until they weren’t able to do laundry, take showers or flush toilets without having the system back up.

With a limited budget, Ted and Catrina were very cautious with how much water they used in the home, knowing that a new system was going to be an investment. 

Finally, the problem was such an inconvenience to the quality of their living that they gave us a call.

We discovered the soils in their old drain field was plugged by solids, the piping leading to the field was plugged with solids and the system was in pretty bad shape.  We conducted some soil testing, found the soils were sandy and this allowed us to replace the failed system with a new conventional system which was more economical.

After determining the right design for the lot, we gave Ted and Catrina our estimate.  A few months later we installed the system and delivered great service in a timely manner and under our estimate.

Here’s what our  homeowners had to say:


We had the misfortune of having to replace our septic field this spring.  Luis made the experience easy to deal with.

Ted Tanguay, Peachland, BC

Hi Luis,
Thank you for the fast and excellent job! I have never thought it would be so smooth, for us anyway. And thanks for not running over my tulips!  …thanks for the great price too!
Catrina Nowak

From Homeowner to Homeowner we understand how important your home is to you, we want to make sure your questions are answered and arm you with some knowledge about the different septic systems that could best suit your situation.

“We’re here to earn your business, with the belief of offering you value first.”

Luis Goncalves, ROWP, IN, PL

250-768-0056 office, 778-363-0828 Cell


We take your privacy very seriously and will not share any record of contact information with any third party.

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