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The Perfect Fit

When it comes to building a business, finding the right people is vital. 

By Luis Goncalves, PL, IN

GroundStone WasteWater Services





An integral part of providing services that go above and beyond relays directly with having the right people behind you. 


As a service business, we have worked very hard at prioritizing our clients, this has helped us grow exponentially. 


Now it is time to take things to new levels of not only positive client experiences but challenging and rewarding careers.




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…So what do we do and why would you be interested?




To answer the second part of that question let me take you to my own experience as to why I chose this career.


I had always enjoyed being in the construction industry, when it came to choosing the right vocation I took what I loved…digging, heavy equipment, design, construction, working in dirt and helping people. 


All of the enjoyment of each of those things came together in this wastewater trade.


From learning about soils, conducting field tests, report writing, design work, and installing and repairing septic systems is what our business is all about.


We don’t do landscaping, retaining walls or driveways…we specialize in the wastewater trade.  From designing septic systems, constructing new systems, repairing/replacing old malfunctioning sewerage systems and tying into city sewer is our specialization.


This form of work takes us all over our beautiful province, from the northern regions of BC to the south, from the coast to the Kootenays.


“The love of our work takes us far and wide across our great province.”


If working in different landscapes and challenges appeals to you, if getting in a rewarding hard days’ work satisfies you, if learning a rewarding trade that motivates you to grow, then you may be a candidate.


If you want to explore more than a job and work towards a career, if you think of your long-term benefit rather than a short term gain, then your line of thinking is what we want.


As we expand our reach and our services, the search for the right candidates will continue. 


If you are interested in learning more please reach out to us.


If you are interested in being part of our team, please send a cover letter and some of your history to:




We look forward to hearing from you and taking the next steps!

Businesses Joining Forces

If you have a business and see the value in joining forces or adding additional services to your business, then let’s talk!

We have a proven track record of providing great customer service throughout BC in the wastewater industry, if you are a contractor with an excavator looking for additional support, we can team up. 

If you are a large business that wants to join forces with an experienced team in the wastewater industry, let’s talk!

A joint venture with our business could allow both companies to better leverage their own strengths, eliminate possible weaknesses, and cooperate in a way that adds more value to both businesses.  

Joining forces in business could be an excellent opportunity to take advantage of new distribution channels, expand into new markets, gain access to new technologies and products, or acquire talented employees – all of which can help you fuel future growth.

Another benefit is leveraging our expertise in achieving organic growth through internet searches and social media.


Contact us today and let’s take the steps to secure better business opportunities, approach new markets and improve business possibilities!


250-768-0056 Office, 778-363-0828 Cell


By Luis Goncalves, ROWP, PL, IN GroundStone WasteWater Services



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