How To Find Your Septic Tank: Step-by-Step Guide

How to Find Where Your Septic Tank is Located While it may sometimes be tricky to locate your septic tank, since its whereabouts are not meant to be a big secret, there are going to be ways and means for you to find out exactly where it is located. Here are a few simple and […]

Septic Tank Treatment & Maintenance Products, What No One Is Telling You

Can Additives Improve Digestion in a Septic Tank? Do septic tank additives really work, and are they necessary to the health of your septic system? Can additives save your septic system or help efficiency? It is well known that in order to extend the life of a septic system it needs to be well maintained. […]

Winterizing Septic Systems, Pro Tips – Solutions, Prevention

Winterizing Septic Systems, Pro Tips Your septic system is frozen, now what? Let’s go over some of the symptoms, solutions and preventative measures on keeping your septic system safe in winter. In colder climates, wastewater professionals and homeowners may have to contend with several additional challenges over and above the normal septic system installation challenges […]

Real Estate & Septic System Inspection, What You Don’t Know Will Hurt $

Septic System Inspections And Real Estate Transactions Buying or Selling a Home with a Septic System? Moving house or buying your first property is supposed to be exciting. For most of us, it’s a life-changing decision, a step towards that perfect lifestyle, a move to be closer to that perfect job. But even at the […]

Nitrogen in Sewage Systems: The Chemical Element & Human Impact To Fresh Water

Why the concern over a natural element, one that is critical to plant and animal life? There are three related reasons: sewage favours the formation of nitrate, excessive nitrate has negative effects on aquatic environments, and a high concentration of nitrate in drinking water has potential negative human health consequences.

This Is Why Your Septic Tank Needs To Be Pumped…

Why do Septic Tanks Need to be Pumped? Homeowners very often find septic tank maintenance a tad confusing, and are not sure whether their tank needs to be pumped or not. And those that are aware that their tank needs to be pumped out regularly may still not be sure why. To fully understand why […]