How Greywater Systems Work, The black and white about greywater Greywater is a very often a forgotten resource,  in this article, we’ll look into what exactly is greywater, how greywater systems work and the benefits of reusing greywater. Drought is not something typically associated with Canada. Yet long droughts (like those we experienced in the […]

Nitrogen in Sewage Systems: The Chemical Element & Human Impact To Fresh Water

Why the concern over a natural element, one that is critical to plant and animal life? There are three related reasons: sewage favours the formation of nitrate, excessive nitrate has negative effects on aquatic environments, and a high concentration of nitrate in drinking water has potential negative human health consequences.

Soil Testing For Septic Systems | Septic Perc Testing | BC Testing And Cost

Septic System Perc Testing And Determining Construction Suitability When determining if a building site is suitable to hold a septic system a site investigation must be conducted.  This includes evaluating and testing the soils for structure, texture, consistency, depth and permeability. Imagine that you are ready to build your dream home. You’ve found the ideal […]

Sizing A Septic System | Tank And Drain Field Factors

Septic System Sizing Requirements: What size septic system do I need? A question that often arises with new septic system installations is: ‘What size septic system do I need?’ There is a common misconception that the size of the system is determined by the size of the home, but this is not entirely true. While […]

How Pharmaceuticals Affect the Biology of Your Septic System

How prescription drugs affect a septic system Our bodies contain a multitude of bacteria – some good, some bad and many that have little effect on us at all. But despite the fact that our world is dominated and shaped by these microscopic organisms, we rarely think about them. Until something goes wrong. This is […]

Sewer vs Septic, Advantages and Disadvantages. Public Sewer vs Septic Waste Treatment

Having a Septic System or connecting to Public Sewer, a widely discussed topic: Way back in 1996, the writer Erma Bombeck penned a hilarious book titled The Grass is Always Greener Over the Septic Tank, in which she dissected life in suburbia and the subtle, compulsive and anxiety-producing competition over houses, cars and achievement that […]

What Are The Different Types of Septic Systems?

There Are Many Different Types of Septic Systems.  What’s the Difference Between a Type 1, Type 2 and Type 3 Septic System? Determining the right septic system type is based on these factors: 1) It is important to select the most appropriate septic system for your soil conditions; 2) The system must adequately meet your […]

Guide To Understanding Mound Septic Systems, Sand Filtering Low Down

The Mound Septic System For Low Permeable Soils A burrow? Buried treasure? An ancient crypt?  Mounds or in better perspective, mound septic systems aren’t as intriguing as our imagination can allure. We, at GroundStone Wastewater Services, know mound septic systems very well because we have built many of them across British Columbia beside homes, schools […]

Above Ground Septic System: When Conventional Doesn’t Work

An Above Ground Septic System Offers Alternatives To Challenging Sites An above ground septic system, also known as a sand mound septic system, is used for the on-site treatment of sewage when site conditions are not suitable for installing a conventional septic system due to the increased risk of the system failing. This article looks […]

Septic System Cost, Pricing For BC Residents

 Septic System Cost, A Free Assessment To sum up a septic system cost we will look at these factors: Septic system design and installation costs will certainly vary and often an in-depth site analysis are necessary to properly determine costs. At the bottom of the page, we have a user-friendly questionnaire that will help us determine […]