Commercial Septic Systems, Wastewater Treatment For Wineries

The commercial wastewater treatment system Septic systems and other onsite wastewater treatment systems are common in single-family homes,  large-scale applications, such as at restaurants, apartment buildings, schools, commercial areas and residential subdivisions, not to mention wineries, produce much higher strength wastewater that has to be treated much differently than a residential system. In this article, […]

Pressure Distribution Septic Systems: How They Work, The Design & Cost

Why Use Pressure Distribution Septic Systems? Often pressure distribution septic systems are used when permeable soils are relatively shallow and a uniform distribution of the wastewater is required for better treatment.  Not only do pressure septic systems provide a better effluent treatment but sometimes drain fields are not always suitable to be placed in close […]

Guide To Understanding Mound Septic Systems, Sand Filtering Low Down

The Mound Septic System For Low Permeable Soils A burrow? Buried treasure? An ancient crypt?  Mounds or in better perspective, mound septic systems aren’t as intriguing as our imagination can allure. We, at GroundStone Wastewater Services, know mound septic systems very well because we have built many of them across British Columbia beside homes, schools […]

Above Ground Septic System: When Conventional Doesn’t Work

An Above Ground Septic System Offers Alternatives To Challenging Sites An above ground septic system, also known as a sand mound septic system, is used for the on-site treatment of sewage when site conditions are not suitable for installing a conventional septic system due to the increased risk of the system failing. This article looks […]

Septic System Cost, Pricing For BC Residents

 Septic System Cost, A Free Assessment To sum up a septic system cost we will look at these factors: Septic system design and installation costs will certainly vary and often an in-depth site analysis are necessary to properly determine costs. At the bottom of the page, we have a user-friendly questionnaire that will help us determine […]

What is a Septic System? History, Modern Advancements, & Alternatives

Septic System Beginnings What is a Septic System?  This article briefly explores the turn of the century’s early challenges with disease and how proper wastewater disposal came to be.  Also, we look at advancements in modern technologies for sewage systems and alternative septic systems. A modern house is a marvel when you consider all of […]